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Car Crash

by Tom Brown

Prov 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."


If anyone knows a lot on how material things let you down, it is definitely me. I have lost my computer with thousands of songs on it, and I constantly lose other items. During all of this time, I have learnt that material things are not to be trusted. I have had so many iPods that I have actually stopped caring about them. I no longer take hours making playlists or spend money on nice covers. God has taught me to not put my trust in earthly objects. The moment I start trusting in them, they ALWAYS break down or something bad happens to them. Take my car story as an example.


I got my license and soon afterwards, I bought a car. Because my birthday is in October, I was one of the first juniors at my school to get a car and license. I thought I was so cool in my yellow car. I would drive with the windows down, country music blaring through the speakers, and my awesome shades covering my eyes. It was indestructible, but not for long. Not even a year after I got my car, I crashed into my mailbox. Yes, I know that is insane but it happened. I guess I couldn’t judge distance very well and rode right into it. It didn’t help matters that our mailbox is made of brick so it went flying across the driveway. Thankfully, my car wasn’t too damaged and neither was the mailbox. Spending a ridiculous amount of cash for a bumper (I crashed into it front first), my car was fixed.


Of course, this story does not end with a happy ending. I went back to thinking I was ridiculously amazing in my car and trusting that my car was going to always take me where I wanted to go. Then, the Good Friday incident happened about 2 months after the mailbox ordeal. I was driving with my friend to Starbucks when I decided to take a short cut through Wendy’s. I was waiting to turn for what seemed like forever until one of the cars decided to let me in. The moment I turned, BAM! I hit a car. The airbags flew out and my friend and I were screaming our heads off in panic. I turned to steer the car so it wouldn’t go straight into the pole. I remember when I finally stopped the car, I kept saying, “Oh my gosh. I am dead. I am grounded. I am never going to do anything again. I’m never going to England.” Needless to say, that car was history. It was totaled and I have not seen it since we sold it to a random person that wanted to buy it.


No matter how horrible the accident was, I did learn a lesson from it. If we’re prideful, conceited, or rely on other things, we will be let down. Maybe we won’t get in a car crash, but something may happen that is not pleasant. After that time, I had to rely on God entirely to help me pay for my senior trip to England and to pay off all the damages done. You know what? Unlike my car and iPods, He did not and has not let me down. Within a month, I had paid for everything and by August, my senior trip was paid in its entirety. Everything we have in our houses can break or tear, but God is always standing firmly.





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