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About Tom Brown
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"The Exorcist! Pastor's work against demons isn't like Hollywood's version"
El Paso Times, May 4, 2001

"Each week Pastor Tom Brown delivers dozens of souls from Satan's grip." 
The History Channel, 2008

"Sunday Morning, El Paso, Texas, demons are cast out of repentant believers."
ABC 20/20, 2007

"Tom Brown is out in front, battling Satan, leading the charge against an evil that appears to have so many souls in torment and looking for deliverance."
MSNBC Investigates, 2007

Tom Brown was one of the best-kept secrets in the body of Christ, until his national exposure. He was featured on the national television network, MSNBC, in which they did an hour-long documentary on his ministry of deliverance, and they showed his success in dealing with the spiritually oppressed. People who saw it have said of Tom, "remarkable man", "I like your style", "You have an obvious love and compassion for people", "You lifted up Christ", and "You are performing as the Apostles did". The El Paso Times has also featured his ministry of exorcism. His also appeared on a two-hour documentary on the History Channel and on ABC 20/20. He has now become one of the most famous deliverance ministers in the United States, receiving over 700 invitations a year. He has also become the face of traditional values and religious freedom

Tom is pastor and founder of a fast growing church in El Paso, Texas. He is author of several books including How to Receive from God, Devil, Demons and Spiritual Warfare and his newest, Breaking Curses, Experiencing Healing. Recently he was ordained as a Bishop under apostolic succession under the Anglican Tradition. More and more churches are affiliating with his ministry.

His largest outreach is the internet; his site receives over a million visitors annually, with hundreds of testimonies coming in every year. He is president of the world’s largest Charismatic and Pentecostal directory over the Internet.

Tom has appeared on several different television shows. People who have heard him speak have commented that he is one of the finest Bible teachers, not only in El Paso, but around the world. Best selling author, Don Gossett, has said about Tom's teaching that it "impacts to [what] I've heard by the leading teachers of our day. Tom Brown incorporates practical Bible teaching along with logic and humor." He's called Tom's message on You Can Predict Your Future "a masterpiece." Kenneth Copeland calls Tom "the bread basket of El Paso." Just as Jesus took a little boy's lunch and fed a multitude, God has taken Tom's ministry and has fed tens of thousands of people the Word of God.  

Tom's teaching would be enough to bless any congregation, but God has also empowered him with rare, authentic miracles. His meetings are known for dramatic healing and deliverances as well as many people claiming to have visions of Christ and angels. Many people have said that they saw either Jesus or angels with Tom on the platform when he ministers.  People have been gripped by the Holy Spirit as Tom Brown teaches and ministers in the gifts of the Spirit.

The enthusiasm is contagious when people experience Tom's ministry. Here are some of the recent things church leaders are saying about Tom: 

Pastor Arnold Benitez writes, "People are still calling and asking when you are coming back to San Antonio. The people at the church and visitors got so blessed by your teaching that they want you back in San Antonio. They are telling me that they saw the power of God all over you Brother Tom. I leave my doors to New Haven Christian Church open to you and your ministries to come back and bless us again."

Pastor Charles Matthews echoes his sentiment, "Just want to say how much I love you and what the life changing messages have done in my life and ministry. It's as if I have a new life and the flow of the Holy Spirit in me is moving like never before. If I lived in your city, I know who my pastor would be. We really want you to come back to Open Door Christian Church."

Rev. Phillip Samlalsingh, a minister of 24 years, says, "I have heard and been around some of the best preachers, and I can safely say that Tom Brown is most outstanding. I highly recommend him to minister at any event that exalts the Lord Jesus Christ."

Discover why Tom is making such a huge impact wherever he goes. Take Pastor Darryl Ramey's advice, "I HIGHLY recommend that you clear a spot on your church calendar and invite Pastor Brown. I have seen a powerful increase of faith and anointing in my own life."

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