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Why doesn't the Bible mention Dinosaurs?

If the Bible is inspired, why does it not mention dinosaurs?


Bible Answer: Most agree that dinosaurs lived and died out long before man. The Bible is God's word to MAN; therefore, God is not interested in giving us details about anything that doesn't pertain to mankind. The Bible records the origin, fall, redemption, and future glory of man--which has nothing to do with dinosaurs, since they lived long before any of this.


The Bible, however, alludes to an age before mankind. In Genesis 1:1-2 we read, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep..."


When did God create the earth? "In the beginning". The beginning is before the first day of creation. So we see that the earth was here before the first day of creation--that is, the earth was here before the first day of RE-creation.


The Bible says that the earth "WAS" formless, empty, and dark. The Hebrew word for "was" should be translated "became"--a good reference or study Bible should bear this out. The book of Genesis teaches us that the earth was here before the first day of creation and that it BECAME formless, empty, and dark. Why did it become this way?


The prophet Jeremiah told us why. After he saw the judgment of God on this planet, he wrote a vivid description about it: "I looked at the earth, and it was formless and empty; and at the heavens, and their light was gone" (Jer 4:23). Jeremiah described what Moses wrote in Genesis--formless, empty, and dark! This is the description of the aftermath of God's judgment.


It seems possible that there was an age before God created the present earth as we know it. It was a lawless age, so God judged it. This explains why the dinosaurs became extinct.


Moses was not an archeologist, yet he knew that there had been a previous age that existed. And he hinted about it in the book of Genesis. This simply is further proof that the Bible is inspired by God, for no man at that time knew about a previous age.


I should mention that there are good Christians who believe that dinosaurs lived during man's time. They believe Job 40:15 and 41:1 alludes to dinosaurs. Who knows for sure? They could be right.


I don't make any claim to knowing for sure about dinosaurs, I simply give a possible explanation from Genesis 1:2



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